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    Fitness Schedule:
    Monday -
    Beginner Mat 9:00 AM
    Zumba 5:45 PM
    Discolates 7:00 PM

    Tuesday -
    Intermediate Mat 9:00 AM

    Wednesday -
    Beginner Mat 5:30 PM
    Intermediate Mat 7:00 PM

    Thursday -
    Intermediate Mat 9:00 AM

Psychology Lecture 1

Summer Dance Conditioning Clinic

Summer Dance Conditioning Clinic Information

Magna Trivia

Which country has the most volcanoes?

Magna Trivia December 14

What was the first commercially manufactured breakfast cereal in Niagara Falls in 1901?

Magna Trivia Dec 11th

What type of ads were banned in 1971 costing TV networks $200 million? Cigarette

Magna Trivia December 10

What happened on the Sahara Desert for 30 minutes in 1979? Answer: Snow

Magna Trivia December 9th

“Canis Lupus Familiaris” is the scientific name for what type of animal? Dog

Magna Trivia November 8th

Which state is known as the Magnolia State? Mississippi

Magna Trivia December 7th

Who is Eunice Howell? Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island

Magna Trivia December 3rd

Whose slogan is “Taste the Rainbow”? Skittles

Magna Trivia December 1st

In which US state was the 1st calculator made in 1967? Answer: Texas

Magna Trivia November 30th

Who is the “Great Hunter” of the night sky? Orion

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